Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Love the Flower Girl...

This has been a crazy year for "must do" sewing projects and my list is not short! Currently, I am working on two flower girl gowns for my niece, Rose, who seems to be a popular addition in several wedding parties this year. 

The first gown is for a very traditional Labor Day wedding, and as you can see from the picture to the left, I created Rose's crinoline this morning - and yes, the crinoline is lined! There is no 10 year-old on the face of this planet (there is no adult on the face of this planet), except the drugged-up type, who will dare tolerate the gnawing and scratching sensation of heavy tulle against the skin. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for drugged-up children despite the occasion, but I am also a merciful aunt who recalls her own itching agony in crinoline dresses of days gone by...

The second gown is for a medieval-themed wedding the week before Halloween - my former sister-in-law, Tonia (whom I am close to), is getting remarried after 10 years of being a bachelorette! Whoohoo! I have already constructed my sister's and daughter's dresses for this wedding - mine is next, however Rose's will be at the very last minute. I made the careless mistake of taking her measurements in May and not taking them again before I began her medieval flower girl dress last week. She has hit this dreadful (for me) growth spurt, which completely alluded me (aka brain fart) and cost me a yard of purple Fidelio velvet! I had her bodice near completion when *POOF* she had biscuits (medieval slang for boobs). And you know, I worried about just this very thing! Children should not be allowed to grow between!

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