Saturday, August 28, 2010

Never Too Old For PPG!

Finally, this afternoon, not an hour ago, I put in the last binding stitch to a Power Puff Girl quilt I started for my youngest daughter almost 4 years ago! LOL! Why did it take me so long? Well, it's just one of those things - other projects took precedence or priority and this one was always shoved in the corner or closet for whatever reason. I believe there was a whole 2-year stretch where I didn't even work on it, let alone think about it - its memory was buried somewhere in the farthest reaches of my exasperated, project laden mind - awful to say, but true!

Oh, and please, let me add to my personal embarrassment! This was not a piece quilt with running stitches - no! I wanted this quilt to be quick and easy - I constructed it using two pieces of a PPG flannel print for the quilt top, and two pieces of a solid eggplant flannel for the quilt back. Rather than use a running stitch like a traditional quilt, I decided to get clever and make stars...wherever there were flowers on the PPG print, I did a star stitch - a flippin' million of them, let me add! And here I thought it would be faster and more efficient to do this. Foiled!

However, early in the summer, when cleaning up my sewing room, I felt a deep twinge of guilt when I spotted the quit under a large pile of "to does" - I was forced to reconcile the thing, so I rescued it from the stack, took it upstairs and pushed myself to work on it whenever I had free time. Yesterday, I cannot tell you the joy I felt knowing that all I had left to do was hand stitch the binding on and Viola! Fini! Admittedly, I was a little concerned - would my daughter even care about the quilt now, being 17-years old and all! Well, pardon moi, I should have known better than to inquire! She said to me in the most matter-of-fact tones, "Mom, you can never be too old for PPG!

So there it is - Sugar & Spice, and Everything Nice (with jigger of Agent X for good measure)...  

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