Sunday, September 19, 2010

School's In, Wine's On

There has been no time for sewing - I have a blouse that I have been wanting to make for myself for two months now, and the material for it, a floral silk chiffon, is sitting on my sewing table begging to be cut. Regardless of time, though, there will be machines humming in short order - Tonia's wedding is the weekend of October 23, and I have yet to finish Rose's flower girl dress and my gown. I don't even think Tonia has started on her own gown! I think we are both due for sewing assistants - lol!

High school English has been consuming my time. I have taken a long-term subbing position at my daughter's high school. The regular English teacher was diagnosed with cancer late last school year - she spent the summer undergoing radiation therapy to shrink the tumor, and right at the beginning of the school year she went into surgery. Her recovery has been remarkable, praise God (and the skilled hands of her surgeons), and hopefully she will be able to resume her position by the first or second week of October. I know all the students are looking forward to her return (and so am I)!

Since taking this position, my days are packed - I feel sometimes as if I'm barely able to come up for air. But, as any educator will tell you, school does not stop for the teacher when the dismissal bell rings! Aside from standing and lecturing most of the day, there are weekly lessons, activities, quizzes, and tests to plan for for grammar, literature, and spelling. And then, there's still housework, dinner, and caring for this and that around the house - as any woman will tell you, no matter how many hours we work in a day outside of the home, and no matter how many capable hands there are available to help us inside the home, we always get the lion's share of domestic duties. I am positive I will run away one day and not leave a forwarding address!

With so much to do, it seems, and so little time to do it in, I did manage to make some pear wine today - the must is cooling and I will pitch the yeast tomorrow. Of course, the intoxicating fruity goodness will not be ready until mid-Spring, but all in good time for wine - it is certainly worth the wait. The hubs was talking about brewing some beer today, but I knew that wasn't going to happen because I wasn't going to be the one to brew it - lol! I can only do so much (I still didn't get around to making apple butter, laundry detergent, or prepping food for the week, but I did clean out my garage on Friday)! Besides, the next batch of beer I brew, I'd like for it to be a bitter cherry - the hubs is an uber-hoppy, India pale ale type of guy, which means I don't drink our beer (even though I am the brewer of the house). Hoppy beer is too floral, too antiseptic, for me - it's like sipping on Lysol... 

...I will have the time, one day, to finish my silk chiffon blouse, to delight in a bottle of bitter cherry beer, and pay a professional to clean my house - that is, one day, when I run away and leave no forwarding address... :)

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