Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jumping the Broom

This past Saturday was Tonia and Shawn's wedding - it was lovely! The wedding was held outside in a wooded area just a few steps from a pond teaming with ducks and swans. I admit that I was worried - well, we ladies of the wedding party were all worried - as we were waiting at the side of the party house for the queue to begin the wedding march, it became quickly over-cast and a few sprinkles were felt (nothing came of it, thank heaven). The occasion was a small affair of about fifty friends and family. The groom's mother put together a scrumptious spread of finger foods, and my sister-in-law Whitney (who is a pastry chef in Columbus) created the beautiful cake (I think Whitney bewitched the butter cream icing - it was freaking divine). And can you believe it, the bride and groom did not smash the cake in each other's faces! 

Like the other gowns I constructed, I made my gown simple - as I always say, if you have a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time, go with what you know rather than with what you do not. It's not prudent to dive into something complicated - so, I kept it very simple. For my gown, I constructed the shift from a heavy blue bridal satin; the bodice from a royal blue velvet trimmed in black braiding and silver lace; and the over-skirt (which is attached to the bodice) is a blue sparkle organza. As you can see, where Elma's gown (pictured with me in the cinnamon-colored gown) laces up the front, mine laces up the back. While this style of bodice and gown is very basic, I cannot say enough for its comfort - if your going to be laced in anything for several hours, this would be the gown to be laced in! (For construction pictures, see The Dressmaker's Album)

Now, going back to Whitney's butter cream icing (oh, my goodness!), I now know why my brother can sit and eat a whole tub of it with nothing but the hands God gave him - scoop and shovel in! It's a good thing Whit lives eighty miles away - I'd be forced to make "special visits" on a regular basis. My butt, hips, and heart would certainly protest, but my lips, taste buds, tummy, and the pleasure center of my brain would beat the others into submission. I decided long ago that Whitney's my go-to cake and pastry chick for ever and ever, and since it's asking for a diabetic coma (or triple bypass surgery) to eat a five-pound tub of butter cream icing in one setting (hope you have good insurance, brother), I'll spread out the buttery love between occasions - it's a good compromise - at least my butt, hips, and heart think so! lol! 

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  1. THE most beautiful and honest wedding I've ever had the pleasure of attending. And everyone's dresses and attired was simply stunning in their elegant simplicity and their sparkle! (Yes, I know that's contradictory but everyone had such a nice balance of the two in their own ways.) Love, Elma