Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Medieval Mayhem on the Horizon

Eleven days until Tonia and Shawn's wedding and I still have a little work to go on two costumes, one of them being mine. I did a fair amount of work on my gown over the weekend, most of my time being spent hand sewing gobs of trim on the bodice. I still have to sew up the back of the skirt on the gown, serge the hem, add grommets (or D-rings, or some form of closure) and silver lace to the bodice back, and then the gown will be complete. Will I ever not be in a rush to finish a sewing project? I think not! lol!

Rosie's gown is complete, thank heaven, except for a couple slips of boning in the front of her bodice, a few gold grommets, and gold lacing to finish it up. Tonia posted a picture of Annie-kins (my other fabu niece) in her very lime green gown (in contrast to Rosie's lavender), and wow, the bride better watch out - our two little Tinker Bell faeries may end up stealing the show! lol! They are going to be so adorable as the flower girls - I cannot wait to see them together!

More progress pictures to come - and Halloweenie is right around the corner, too!  Yikes! lol!

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