Wednesday, October 6, 2010

There's a Weddin' In 17 Days!

Oh, it's the big countdown to Tonia's wedding, and we are feeling the heat! Last night, T emailed me and told me she still had several things on her wedding sewing list to complete, mainly her gown and her fiancé's medieval-style shirt to compliment his kilt. This does not include some minor touches left on Annie's flower girl dress (my other really cute niece), decorating the club house, finalizing everything on the cake, and Lord knows everything else on the list she sent me, which I cannot quite recall (I think my brain filtered most of it out for sanity's sake - lol)!

This past Sunday I finished Rosie's flower girl dress, except for the grommets in the bodice, and I began to work on my gown the night before with little success - I was far too tired by the end of the day to get anything really done. I had very good intentions yesterday to work on it, but by the time I walked in the house, it was very late - so phooh! the evening was gone! 

However, a couple month's ago I was wise enough (or not so busy, I should say) to complete two of the guests' gowns early while I had the time. The gown above is my sister's, and it was designed with Tonia and Shawn's autumn wedding theme in mind. The bell-sleeve shift is constructed of a heavy antique gold bridal satin; the bodice, a crushed forest green velvet trimmed in a brushed gold and burgundy braid; and the attached over-skirt to the bodice is made of an iridescent olive/gold/burgundy organza - the picture does not do the gown justice (especially the organza) - it certainly has a WOW! factor. 

The gown below is made for Marie, my 17-year old, who really liked McCall's pattern 4997. The bishop-sleeve shift is made of a heavy lavender bridal satin; the over-gown is made of a crushed black velvet trimmed in silver metallic braid. The black, lavender, and silver colors look beautiful together; and indeed, the wearer of this little gem (that being my Maria) will make it more beautiful, still! 

Granted, these gowns are more costume than historical clothing, but who cares - everyone is going to look beautiful with a distinctly Camelot flavor, and we all are so excited about it, even if we are half crazy over details and tying-up loose ends right now. I will post progression pictures of my gown and Rosie's finished flower girl dress very soon. 


  1. Holy Crap! There's only 17 days till my wedding? Can you tell that I have been avoiding a calendar? I can't wait to see your dress! Love you!

  2. It might be to your benefit that you DO avoid the calender (no need to go in panic mode)! lol! ;) And, as far as dresses are concerned, I can't wait to see YOURS (the most important dress of them all)! Whoohoo! xo

    PS: ...and you know I'm going to plaster wedding picts of you all over my blog (best be showing cleavage - not that it will be difficult for you to do!) - haha!!