Saturday, January 29, 2011

(*smacks self in head*) Better Mine Than Someone Else's

Look very carefully at the bodice back pictured to the left - see the mistake? See the big fat no-no? That's right! The fabric pattern is facing up on one half of the bodice back and facing down on the other. It goes to show you that even professionals (no matter how long they've been in the business) have an occasional oopsie. I am very thankful that this oopsie was on my own garment and not that of a customer's - whew! lol! What gets me is that this mistake is such a silly one - amateur stuff - we tailors are taught first thing to be mindful of the fabric's pattern or grain before cutting into it, period. Phooh!

I do have my new corset completely boned and ready for bias, but I am putting it off until I have finished my gown. I have already taken my measurements with the corset on (you can see the grommets are already inserted), so I am in no danger, of course, of creating an ill-fitted garment (remember to always have your undies made and fitted before making your gown - your gown's measurements should reflect your body's measurements while wearing your undergarments) - I just want to focus my attention on the gown's detail and getting it hashed out. Putting on bias tape is a brainless endeavor I can do over a pot of hot tea and a chick-flick on a Saturday, where as the gown detail requires my attention, obviously, after my little pattern directional blunder earlier this week - may the angels be with me! lol!

Despite my tailoring mishap, nothing could take away the sweet sensation of three delicious purchases I made - shoes! I admit that I am a shoe whore and that I have no desire to change my evil ways. As a penance, I have a rule: if I buy a new pair of shoes, I must give a pair away - indeed, I limit myself to 30 pairs for my darling husband's sake, with whom I share a closet. Needless to say, Elma (my buddy in Columbus) received a package last Saturday that contained a pair of black knee boots and a slinky pair of satin sandals. She would have ended up with a swanky set of dark brown knee boots in addition, but on closer inspection I realized there was no way I could pass them on to Elma - the leather was cracking and the heel was too worn, so in the trash they went. In the meantime, I am on the eternal hunt for the perfect pair of red pumps - and not just any red, but a deep red, and not just any heel, but the right heel (I'll know them the moment I see them, winking and beckoning me, of course)! 

Oooo, and my pear wine is nearly complete, too - I need to rack it once more before bottling it in mid-March. I am so looking forward to this year's batch, and I'll have plenty to share! Whoohoo!

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