Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Calamity Days

Photo by Sydney Fleming Photography
This week's storm front, which has steadily moved eastward and has coated much of the Midwest and east coast with a solid layer of ice and snow, blessed me and my students with two calamity days! Of course, the night before the storm arrived (that was Monday), the stores where packed to the rafters with folks clearing the shelves of bread, milk, eggs, cigarettes, and beer. Thank heaven I did all of my grocery shopping Sunday morning - the only reason I stopped by the store Monday after school was because I had a hankering for potato chips. Self-checkouts ROCK! - I was in and out of the madness in 5 minutes flat! 

Yesterday morning, just before 6, I received the much anticipated call from the school secretary informing me that school had been canceled for the day (as I knew it would be!), and rather than go back to bed, which I can't do once I am startled out of sleep, I pulled my butt from the covers, made coffee, and sewed, sewed, sewed! I finally cut the machines off at just before midnight last night. I needed desperately to work on my gown for the Federal ball, and honestly, I was getting panicked trying to find time to do it. The ball is two weeks from this Saturday, and between working, creating lesson plans, grading papers, and managing and cleaning a whole house (aside from other domestic, career, and parenting duties), I'm not exaggerating when I say I was feeling a bit pressed.

This feeling of "needing to get the gown done" on top of everything else in a normal day may be what has been causing this odd sewing funk that I've been in over the last two months. I have struggled to complete this gown, forcing myself to work on it whenever I have had time. This is a peculiar feeling for me because I'd rather be designing and sewing clothing most of the time (it's my preferred hobby). I was thinking the other day that it is most certain I demand far too much of myself and that I should trim a bit of fat from my life, but Lord only knows where that would be! I *think* I have been taking on too many sewing projects and I'm getting burnt. We'll see - the next gown, a Victorian tea gown for the Ladies' Tipsy Tea, does not need to be completed until late May. If I am losing my sewing mojo, maybe this will be the break that I need to restore it!

In the meantime, I spent most of the day sewing again. I created the ribbon needed (about 20 yards)  for the box pleated trim on the hem of the skirt and sewed that on - yeah!  Now, I just have some basic finishing work to do on the bodice of the gown, most of it hand sewing, which I will do from the comfort of my couch while watching a wonderful historical drama! Once the gown is completed - and I am nearly there! - I can finish sewing the bias on my stays. Won't it be a joy to have the whole kit and caboodle finally done - maybe if the school allows another calamity day (wink, wink), I just might!

Better get my school clothes ready though, just in case - ;)

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