Thursday, February 3, 2011

Special Topics in Calamity Physics - Like Sewing During An Ice Storm...

Haha! I no sooner posted last night's blog entry when I received a call from the school secretary that classes were canceled again for Thursday! So, there was no need for me to lay out my school clothes after all! ;)

You already know what I did - I sewed, sewed, sewed! And I completed my gown! I am trilled to have it done, if only to get busy sewing the bias on my stays and throwing together a chemise. I am pleased with the gown for the most part, and I imagine any issues I have with it center more around my self-critical nature than there actually being something wrong with the gown itself. If I am sketchy about anything, it's the sleeve cuffs. I like them better today than I did yesterday or the day before, when I was certain I would have to rip them off and start over. I'm glad the hubs insisted that I wait a while before undoing any work - lol!. It is sometimes better just to sit on things for a little. By this morning, I decided the cuffs did not look that terrible (although I do not like them completely) - lol! 

Anyway, pizza's on the way, school resumes tomorrow, and the weekend starts at the 3 o'clock dismissal bell! TGIF, in t-minus four hours and counting! Good night and God bless...

(For construction pictures of this gown, please see The Dressmaker's Album)