Monday, April 18, 2011

Just Blame Jane...

Linen Chemise
I believe that my wire dummy, Bertie, has been sneaking round Tonia's drunken dummy, Jane - she has taken on quite a lean to the right, mysteriously so, like over night. You know what they say - bad company corrupts good character? I have yet to peek under Bertie's pedestal to discover the issue. Hopefully she needs nothing more than a tightening with a socket wrench. What would I do without her if I had to send her out for repair (or rehab)? Oh noes! lol!

This weekend I constructed the chemise and petticoat to my Edwardian tea gown. I still need to add trim around the ruffle of the petticoat, which I will do this evening. Both garments are made of a soft natural linen for comfort and breathability. I do love the decorative fabrics often used in this era, however, no one will know what my unmentionables look like but me and the person who will be lacing me in my corset, so I'm opting for practical over pretty. Notice, I did add a bit of cotton lace trim to the neck and sleeves of the chemise - I think it's sweet. As the week progresses, I will begin constructing my reform corset (since the mock-up came out well), and hopefully by this coming weekend (drats, maybe not - I forgot it's Easter), I will have it completed.

Ooooo, and I bought new shoes on Friday! Two pairs of luscious black stilettos; one a peep toe and one a pointed toe, and both on sale! I was a little perplexed though - notice that I bought the black version of the pointed toe, red stiletto I was drooling over back in February. It just so happen that the black, navy, and natural colors of this shoe went on sale this week, but not the red. So, I called the sales clerk over to ask her why. She tells me it's because the red version isn't selling as well as the others (uhh, there's a shoe sales quota before a particular shoe can go on sale? *scratches head*). "Don't freak out," she tells me (was I freaking out?), "Once a shoe is on the floor for ten weeks, it goes on sale - these go on sale next week." So, next week it is - I will be purchasing both the natural color (for a 1950s suit I will be making for next year's Ladies' Tipsy Tea) and the red (because I am a shameless shoe hussy) - lol!

In the meantime, Jane needs to stay away from Bertie - my dummy is too dang old and wiry for any sort of drunken shenanigans and foolery - besides, I can't get replacement parts for her. lol! :)


  1. You know, I did leave my laptop in the sewing room over the weekend. Jane may have e-mailed Bertie. That's what I get for typing my password where she can see it! lol. Anywho! Lovely chemise! That will be so comfy. Hope I don't roast in my broadcloth chemise. Can't wait for the tea! Less than a month and counting!

  2. See? Leave the dang room for a minute and all drunken hell breaks loose! lol!

    Just finished up the trim on my petticoat - I will be e-mailing you a picture pronto (and of course posting a picture to my photo stream) - it all looks so Holly Hobby-ish - :)