Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Got Ghillies (Silly Nillie)?

Corrected pattern -vs- original pattern
Tonia has just informed me that the next Dinner In A Costume for our collaborative costume blog, The Emerald Parlor, will be the weekend of her birthday in late June - and the theme will be Celtic! This is convenient, indeed, considering I am presently constructing Simplicity's Women's Celtic dress pattern for a pattern review. The Women's Celtic dress was released three times - I have the original from 1998 (Simplicity 0663), which was repackaged and renumbered that same year as pattern number 8855. Simplicity 8855 was discontinued a few years later, only to be brought back a few years ago as patten number 3623. Tonia and I have looked at the patterns to determine if Simplicity has  made any structural changes to it over the years, and they haven't. All three editions of the patterns are identical, so don't get suckered into buying the rarer 0663 package when the other two (8855 & 3623) will make the exact same costume - :)

Ooooo, aaahhh!
Anyway, I started to construct the Celtic dress this week, and as usual, I never use the skirt pattern - I always make my own. I finished the skirt in an evening. However, when I got to the bodice pattern, I noticed that my size (a 16 in most dress patterns) looked particularity large. And so did the 14 (my retail dress size). I cut out a 12, and dang if I still didn't need to take in the bodice pattern at the bust! lol! I gave Tonia a ring and asked her if she had the same issue with her pattern (she has the newer 3623) and she told me yes - so, the over-sizing is consistent across all the editions of the Women's Celtic dress pattern, as well - lol! For the fabric, I'm using a quality green and navy plaid cotton for the bodice and a medium-weight, navy cotton blend for the skirt - I love the colors and can't wait to see the whole dress put together.

New patterns to construct and review
Also this week, because I was inspired by all the lovely costumes my sisters had made for themselves and me, I decided to order some patterns from Truly Victorian. Both Tonia and PJ loved the patterns, so what choice did I have but to purchase a few of my own to construct and review? :) Although I draft most of my personal patterns from historical references and art works that I admire, it is so important for the novice or beginner sewer to have solid references from seasoned sewers about particular patterns and notions to help guide them. Again, when Tonia and I started out, there wasn't The Great Pattern Review, or any other public resource to help us determine what patterns were good and what patterns were not. We had to wing it.  With so many pattern companies to purchase from, it's good to have a reliable source to use when determining what patterns to use (especially regarding theatrical patterns, which vary in quality and price so drastically that the task of choosing anything can be discouraging). I'm looking forward to experimenting and constructing a few of these Truly Vicky patterns just in time for the Old West Festival in October! Yeehaw! 

Dang, I just realized I need to purchase a pair of ghillies! Better get on that! lol!


  1. Ooooo! You'll have to tell me which TV patterns you bought. I will be buying the patterns I want from her to make my Civil War ball gown for the next EP ball.

  2. I bought the petticoat and corset pattern to review (since you bought the one from Laughing Moon), PJ's Basque, your dinner jacket, and a couple of Natural Form & Belle Epoch over and under-skirts.

    A couple of the Truly Vicky patterns are too close in structure and design to a couple of McCall's Edwardian/late Victorian patterns (like the 1898 Eton Jacket), and although I wanted to purchase them for review (guessing they are probably very popular patterns), I did not for this reason.

    And speaking of Truly Vicky's antebellum patterns, note that a couple of their designs are also identical to a couple of Simplicity antebellum gowns (however, I believe the gowns from Simplicity are OOP). I am interested Truly Vicky's walking hoop pattern - I believe I need to maybe purchase that - lol!