Sunday, May 15, 2011

I've Got All My Sisters With Me...

Where to begin?

My Friday 13th was a week long affair it seemed, beginning last Saturday when I was constructing my second attempt at an Edwardian costume for the Ladies' Tipsy Tea. While cutting out the over-skirt to my ensemble, I was cutting too fast, slipped and cut a perfect slice right in the center the fabric. All I could do was stand there for a minute and let it sink in what I had done. I pulled out the remainder of the fabric in hopes of squeezing out another skirt panel, but to my dismay I discovered I was a 1/2 yard too short. And, it's not like I could have run to the fabric store to get more. I had bought this fabric 12-13 years ago and safely stored it in an airtight bin until I found a use for it. I was disgusted with myself. How careless of me - and all done in haste! After losing my teaching position the day before and the Ladies Tea just a week away, I blew a fuse. I took everything I had sewn for my costume at this point, dumped it in the wastebasket, tied up the bag and hauled it all to the dumpster. I couldn't even look at it. I spent the rest on my evening listening to Tchaikovsky and cleaning my sewing room. 

Tonia & PJ's handiwork...
I sent Tonia a text on Monday and told her that I would not be sporting a costume for the Ladies' Tea - I explained that I was tired and frustrated and worried; however, I did not mind attending the tea "naked" if she and the other girls didn't mind. Of course, she called me right away. At first I was resistant to her suggestion that she and PJ put their fingers to the grindstone and make me a gown - my goodness, the tea was a mere few days away and they had just barely finished their own costumes, let alone being strapped with a project for me. I suggested that maybe we could all dress in one of our other era costumes, like our Renaissance ensembles. Well, the other ladies were not having any of that considering all of them had put so much time into their Victorian gowns - can you blame them? I relented. Tonia and PJ set to work constructing for me a costume, and I went to work hawking for a new job! 

Job hunting attire...
But the graciousness and support of friends did not stop here! On the morning of Friday 13th, as I was heading out the door for school, I get a text from my supervisor. She says, "Good morning! ;) Are you happy today? I am! :)" I text her back and say, "Uh oh! lol! What sort of wickedness are you in to?" She tells me that she just received some good news and she is very happy. I tell her that I am on my way in and that she can give me the skinny when I get there. She sends a text back that says, "I heard that you already heard? (rolls eyes) - see the principal when you get in." Oh, boy. Shortly after I arrive, it is explained to me that the high school principal, the high school supervisor, the middle school supervisor, and the elementary supervisor went to the school administration and supported my case. My supervisor went in armed with my syllabi and lesson plans, and explained that since I have been there, the students have responded positively to changes that she and I have made to the English program, their grades have increased, and so has their enthusiasm to learn. In short, my position as the high school Language Arts Teacher has been reinstated. I was not only surprised by the good news, but I am deeply thankful for the confidence and loyalty of my colleagues and friends - wow! 

Dublin Pub, Dayton, Ohio: Elma, PJ, (our fabu server) Trish, Tonia, me
Yesterday, as if the events on Friday weren't good enough, when the girls arrived for the Ladies' Tipsy Tea, they presented me with a lovely green Victorian day jacket and walking skirt, a sensational hat, white satin gloves, and a matching umbrella - they are too good to me! lol! And off we girls went to the Dublin Pub for good food, excellent service, and quite a bit of attention from the other guests! lol! We had a wonderful time! The evening was capped-off with a leisurely stroll in the Oregon District and then tea and dessert at my house before everyone headed home. Let me tell you, it was a wonderfully unexpected  and delightful finale to an otherwise dismal week (I think it's good to be shaken-up a bit sometimes - makes the blessings that come more profound and appreciated) - ;)

For more details regarding the 2011 Ladies' Tipsy Tea, please visit The Emerald Parlor - there's a load of pictures documenting the event and some great information about the places we visited in case anyone has an opportunity to visit the Gem City (Dayton's very cool nickname). 

Happy sewing!

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