Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Red Stiletto Conspiracy & Cut-work Velvet Debacle

It is a corporate conspiracy. DSW simply does not want me to own a pair of red stilettos - at least not the pair that I have been watching since February! The minute I left work on Friday, I bolted over there to see if my beloved, patten leather pumps were on sale like the clerk told me they would be. Uhhh...NO! I did purchase the same shoe in nude, however, which I had planned to do anyway and in addition to the red pair. While up at the register I asked the clerk (not the same gal - this one seemed to have all the light bulbs on) when my coveted stilettos would go on sale, explaining that I was in two weeks ago and the clerk whom I had spoken to then assured me they would be. To my disappointment, this clerk apologized and told me that she could not say, and that corporate office may or may not put them on sale - it's anyone's guess. "Keep checking back," is all she could say. Yes, yes I will, because I am obsessed with this shoe and I'm too damned thrifty to pay full-price! lol!

On the sewing front, I have not had a cooperative week! I started on my Tipsy Tea gown (which is in less than two weeks - yikes!) by scaling the skirt pattern and constructing it first because the draping of the cut-work velvet concerned me. I was correct in my suspicion - the velvet is too light and flimsy to hang correctly from the waist with any shape or form. My daughter tells me I am being too critical of my work and that the skirt looked fine (she's so sweet) - ahhh, but don't let the picture fool you! It might look good modeled on my manikin, but on me it is quite another story! It is what the skirt does when I walk and turn, etc., etc. It gets caught up and it doesn't maintain its shape. I thought I would take the skirt up a bit - the movement was better, but the over-all shape of the skirt was not what I imagined. It no longer looks graceful but rather frumpy. I took the skirt off of Bertie (yes, she is fixed - a couple of her screws just needed tightening - :) ) and put it away. I was pretty irritated about it, but with any creative endeavor, sometimes an element doesn't work, and in this case, it was the weight of the cut-velvet. C'est la vie...

I plan on recycling the velvet skirt into a swanky peasant shirt - my daughter tells me she doesn't like the hot pink voile and that I should use a light neutral color - we will see! As for my Tipsy Tea gown, I have started on a completely new look that involves a crisp, white shirtwaist, vest, and hobble skirt, and yes, the weight of the fabric is appropriate this time! lol! My patterns are all prepared and cut, and my corset is nearly finished - I just need to high-tail my butt in gear and get'r done! After this project, however, I am going to take a costuming break and construct myself some real world clothing. As a teaching professional I have to dress in a professional manner. The issue is that I refuse to pay $200+ for a suit as Macy's, and as you have concluded, I am no spendthrift - I have been waiting for 12 weeks to buy a particular pair of red stilettos, for heaven's sake, because I refuse to pay $70 - lol! And, there is this little 1950s style sundress I have been wanting to make myself for a couple years now - it's high and time that I do! 

Happy sewing!

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