Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Devil & Mother Nature

Although I still have the beret to make, my Celtic dress is complete! I used Simplicity pattern 0663 (as you know), and as I have mentioned, I had to take in the bodice by 4 sizes - wow! Tonia told me that even after she took the bodice in several sizes, her dress (taken from the same pattern) is still not as fitted as it should be; she told me she’s either going to take it in further or make another dress completely. I admit that I have never encountered a pattern that is so grossly missized - lol! Anyway, I like my finished dress; it’s cute and simple (did you notice I altered the neck line to the shirt?) and I'm looking forward to strapping myself in it for Tonia's birthday dinner in a couple weeks! In the meantime, I have quite a list of sewing projects lined up - what to do, what to do (eenie, meenie, miny, mo...)!

Do you know it was 95 degrees today - in early June! Oh.My.Scorching.Hell! What is wrong with this picture - for months (up until two weeks ago), we Ohioans have suffered temperatures way below average, torrential rains, and mass flooding. It has been so bad that the farmers are just now starting to plant their crops! Now, the Devil has taken up residency in the Buckeye State and brought all of Hades with him (*fans self*) - lol! Ugh, I detest this oppressive heat and I hate watering my garden with city water – oh, the irony of it all! Chlorine and fluoride do awful things to veggie plants - come on Mother Nature, wakey, wakey! The sun is just blazing without a cloud in the sky and my poor plants are wilting something sick. Okay, so my strawberries are doing well - lol! 

Happy sewing (and stay cool)!

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