Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (without internet service, anyway)

Intermittent internet. It's not good. And, you never really know how addicted you are to the internet (obsessively checking email, Facebook, Blogspot, Google news, etc.) until it's taken away from you - or worse, it's tauntingly and teasingly intermittent. Apparently, I was not the only customer to have the same issue, considering customer service told me that my area was experiencing a large volume of repair requests and it took them four days to get a technician out to my house. What was the issue? Water. The connections were replaced and now I am good to go, free to feed my obsessive compulsive need to surf the net and check my email at least a hundred dozen times a day - lol! ;)

In my internet down time, I did manage to get to the hardware store and pick out a new paint color (a medium tone purple-grey called "twighlight evening") and light sheers for the pumpkin puke room - I will be starting on the room next week. 

I finished my Regency jumper for the Regency picnic in September. What I like best about this gown is my fabric choice - it's so bold. Funny to say that the older I get, the bolder I am becoming in my pattern and color choices. When I was younger, I was so color and pattern shy - black, blue, or white was always safe for me. I think with age we grow more confident in our choices, or maybe we just don't care anymore - lol! Whatever the case, I am pleased with the color and pattern which I have chosen for this little gown. 

On the other hand, after proclaiming my growing confidence in fabric color and pattern selection, I'm a bit worried about my current fabric choice for a late Victorian ensemble I will be constructing soon for a trip to the Old West Festival in southern Ohio in October. I love the fabric, but I am afraid it may look garish in volume (I will be using this for the jacket and over-skirt). Yes, it looks a little like pillow ticking, but it's a heavy satin. My youngest daughter seems to think that my fabric choice is fabulous and encourages me to forge ahead. That is indeed my course of action, to use the fabirc despite my second geussing - :) 

Courage! And, happy sewing!


  1. Love the jumper! Can't wait to see it on you at the picnic! What patterns are you using for your Late Victorian outfit?

  2. I love your gown! I think the darker chemise really helps set off the printed fabric. Pumpkin puke will haunt you even after you paint. LOL Wait until you see my oldest daughter's fabric choice!

  3. Hello sisters! :)

    Tonia, I am going to use the dinner jacket from Truly Vicky that you used for both mine and your costume for the Tipsy Tea, but I am modifying the tails. I will be using the Autumn over-skirt (it's much longer and is draped in the back rather than pleated), and a heavily pleated underskirt, which I will draft myself.

    Elma, pumpkin puke is fine in costume form, just not in a room you have to sleep in! lol! ;)