Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pumpkin Puke & Other Interior Disasters

Our youngest daughter has always inherited the smallest bedroom - the plight of being born second, I guess - lol! Our oldest daughter has always had the privilege of "first choice" wherever we have lived, and as expected, she has chosen the largest bedroom second to our own. When the oldest moved out a few months back, the youngest quickly apprehended her older sister's room, and that left me with a disaster - well, two disasters - to redesign. Both of my daughter's rooms are a hot mess after years of countless posters and pictures being nailed, taped, and gummed to the walls, scuff marks all over the red oak floors, and Lord only knows how hard-tack candy got stuck to the closet floor. With that said, my first home project this summer is my youngest's old bedroom - or, as my husband disdainfully calls it, the pumpkin puke room. When we bought our beautiful historical home seven years ago, the room was painted a powder blue. Maria wanted it green, so I painted it green. Then she wanted it orange, so I painted it orange. Now, it is my room and it will be restored it former anti-teenager glory! Whoohoo! And then, I get to tackle the dark brown walls of my oldest daughter's old room (she had dark walls so that all her awesome movie posters would stand out) - that's going to be a priming and painting nightmare, but at least I won't feel like I'm walking into a dungeon once it's redone (and the angels sing, "Hal-le-lu-jah!")...

 On the sewing front, I have finished Maria's dress. It's so sweet and fresh (just like her) - she's going to look darling! Now I need to get my new Regency gown constructed. I am making myself a jumper this time around and I have chosen a black cotton fabric with a very large floral print. I know it sounds unusual, but I love it and I think the box-pleating in combination with the large print will create a very interesting design element to the gown, so here's to a little experimentation! I need to make a new Regency corset, too. I am not pleased with last year's corset. I made it well and it was comfortable, but I need more structural support - I'm not a size 8 anymore (that was 20 years ago! Yikes!). To achieve the proper Regency silhouette, I need a bit more help! lol! Further, I'm not going to construct the thing from duck like I did last year - I'm going to use a few good layers of linen - it's a friendlier fabric. I imagine I'll begin work on my Regency garments this evening - :)

In the meantime, off I go to Home Depot where thousands of paint samples await my scrutiny! Hehe...

(For more pictures of Maria's finished gown, please visit the Dressmaker's Album)

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