Sunday, June 12, 2011

You've Been "Toiled"!

Paltrow - Emma (1996)
Pardon the very grainy picture to the right. I had to pull Emma (1996) from our movie library and scroll through footage to take a picture of this gown (which only makes a 30-second appearance near the end of the movie!) - the gown my youngest daughter wants me to model her gown after for the Regency Picnic in September. Thank heaven for historical dramas - they are great costume reference material and they make my job as a tailor a little easier when trying to discover what a customer might want, like my judicious (and sometimes finicky) 17-year old daughter - lol! I did Google the gown and tried to find a better quality photo to no avail; anyway, my Maria wants her gown to look like this (or something like it) - a very sweet, comfortable, and machine washable choice.

Marie's basic over-dress
I started on the over-dress a couple days ago - except for the ribbon and rose trim, it is complete, leaving me with the under-dress to construct. The bodice portion was the only part of the over-dress that I made a pattern for, which I created by using the pin and dart method directly on Maria rather than a dummy. She was not a happy puppy - it's summer vacation and I woke her up just a little after 8 AM to be "toiled" - hehe! I know I'm a bad mama, but if I waited for her to wake up (all the way up), it'd be dinner time before she was fitted! lol! While constructing the bodice, I initially added some green ribbon at the base as a way to tie the gown shut and to add a little of decoration. The bodice looked puckered and wonky when the ribbon was tied (frankly, the ribbon was too wide), so I removed it. When the basic over-gown was complete, I tried just a heavy eye and hook at the base of the bodice and it worked beautifully - sometimes simple is best.

Okay - back to work! Stitch, stitch!  

Blessings and happy sewing!

(For more pictures of Maria's gown in progress, please visit the Dressmaker's Album)

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