Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Dearly Departed & Making Mends

Mom Lois - 1964
There has been little time for sewing since the last time I posted. Shortly after, my mother-in-law died (she had suffered from several serious conditions over a prolonged period of time) and I have spent that time helping my husband and sister-in-law organize things - just helping them keep things together. There is a relief that all of us feel in my mother-in-law's passing - that she is no longer hurting, but I don't quite think the sadness of her passing, that she is forever taken from us in this life, has truly hit any of us yet. For me, I imagine my sadness will be deepest felt on her birthday - May 16 - a birthday that four other female relatives share. Now, minus one. I'm not sure about my husband - he hasn't said much. To each, in his own time...

Needless to say, it was very nice to have Tonia and PJ (Tonia's life-long friend) up on Saturday. Their visit was a needed reprieve from the events of the last week, and as always they bring cheer and good tidings - herein lies the blessing of friends - :)

But alas! Life has slowly slipped back into its normal routines. Yesterday, it felt like a good day to sew, and so I did. I fashioned me up a nice little wool jacket reminiscent of the 1960s. It took me a few hours to put it together (it's design being very basic). I like my jacket so much, I've decided to use the left over yardage from the wool (and the pink satin I used for the lining) to construct a matching dress - a lovely new ensemble to wear to work this fall! And, since I was on a sewing jag, I got to mending things which needed mending for months - the "fix it" pile was outgrowing my sewing table - lol! Now, my hubby's work pants are hemmed, shirt buttons sewn on, my daughter's skirt zippers repaired, and jacket snaps replaced. It's a relief to have it all done. I'm sure my family will be delighted to find that their beloved garments have magically appeared in good order and as good as new in their respective clean clothes piles whenever they decide to put their things away - :)

Meanwhile, happy sewing (and mending)!

(For construction pictures of  my wool jacket, please view the Dressmaker's Album)

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