Thursday, July 7, 2011

Orangey Orange, Grapity Grape

Satin purchase this week - ooh, ahh!
I wish I could spend all of my free time sewing, but then nothing else around the house would get done. So, this was a non-sewing week for me, although I do have a Regency corset cut out ready to go under the feed dogs and ten yards of fabric washed and hung neatly on my basement clothes line ready for use in two future projects. But alas, the week has not been without accomplishments or fabric purchases! I did a fabric inventory a couple weeks ago and realized that I was frightfully low on several colors of satin, so I needed to stock up on those (and a few more colors besides - aren't they just delicious?). Then, Maria and I painted the pumpkin puke room a smoky purple-gray color called "twilight evening" - so the room has went from orange to grape - lol! Take a peek:

Orangey Orange

Grapity Grape
 As anyone with a historical home can swear by, there is usually nothing simple about refreshing a room. For one, the walls are plaster and that means repairing cracks and spackling over pits where naughty nails pulled out half the surrounding plaster when being removed - lol! But this job was extra special because I had to sand the gloss from the walls. Yes, there are deglossers on the market, and I actually used a deglosser first. But something strange happened - my walls began to "cry" oil residue. Seriously, the oil base in the paint teared-up and ran down my walls, and I could not get it to stop - for months! What the hell? So, I had to sand, sand, and sand some more, and then wash all the walls. It worked and it's why it took me four days to paint a 9x11 room! lol! 

After painting the ceiling and walls, we tackled the trim and gave it all a fresh coat of brilliant white. Oooo, and there's a bonus - I took up the 1990s jacked-up Stain Master carpet and was delighted to find that the original red oak floors were in super shape! I am a lover of hardwood floors, especially in these old homes where the wood is often unique - why not expose those beautiful floors if they are in good condition! Of course, in the picture my floor isn't looking so hot because there's still carpet dust all over and a gazillion carpet pad staples to yank out (carpet layers get real happy with those staples - I think Maria and I pulled put about 200+). Did I mention I hate tack strips? Anyway, after a good sweeping and mopping (the mop water was a scary dark gray), the floor looks great! All that's left to do is add the quarter-round around the base boards and start moving in furniture and accessories - whoohoo!  

One project down! Happy sewing (and home improvement)! :)


  1. I am so jealous of those floors! I miss mine. That's the only bad thing about newer homes - no hardwood floors, unless you pay way extra for them! I can't wait to see the room when it's finished!

  2. love the floors too though your walls seem to have a tad more of the grey/black in them then they do the blue... any excuse to buy fabric is always a good one.. as long as you eventually use it of course :)

  3. Hello Ladies! :)

    Here is where historical homes have it over new builds, and yes, while new homes do come with the option of wood floors, note that it's an option, where in old homes it was standard. Plus, there is no way that red oak could ever be standard in a home build today - not with conservation efforts and some species protected. Is it natural to want to hug my floors? lol! ;)

    Darlene, you are right, the color has more black in it than blue, and I love it! Against the freshly painted white trim and white curtains, if gives the room a mature feeling. I am going to accent the room with sage, silver, and white accessories which will take the starkness of the wall color down a few notches. After years of staring at pumpkin puke, this is a welcome change! lol!