Saturday, August 20, 2011

"As I was driving up the street one day, corn muffins came a rollin' my way..."

No, I have not run away! lol! The start of a new school year is just around the corner, literately! Dayton Public Schools opened last week, and this coming week, the private and charter schools begin. The last week and a half has been packed with to-dos and last minute projects - mainly getting my classroom ready for this week (opening week), inventorying text books, going over the student rosters, finishing up lesson plans, fretting over software updates (as you can see, computers line my walls) - all this on top of painting and redecorating my classroom! I know from the picture my room does not look so impressive (I took the picture with my cell, so all the colors are muted), but the original ecru color of the walls was uglier than Betty - the paint was pealing, the old posters were irrelevant to language arts - it wasn't pretty. Now, the walls are painted a soothing lilac and decorated with wonderful grammar and literature themed art (I can't help but to be excited about it all - lol)! I am sure the students will appreciate the change - I sure do.

On top of school and classroom preparation, I am still working on improvement projects around the house. This last week my youngest daughter and I painted her room (the room she inherited when my oldest daughter moved out). I think we patched over 400 nail holes and honestly, I am shocked the plaster walls held up - lol! Aside from the nail holes (and as Marie and I were painting, we still discovered a couple nails we missed along the way), there was a bit of water damage around the ceiling and smoke stack that needed repaired. But, it all came out very well and the brown walls are GONE! I've been on this purple kick lately - not sure why (and it's not like purple was ever my favorite color, although I do like it), but lately it's been appealing to me.

Brown is the color of pooh...

Bad flashing = water damage

Oooo, Ahhhh!

With my classroom and house sucking away at my attention, I haven't gotten any sewing done. However, I did make a trip to the fabric store to pick up a couple costume patterns (which I collect). Oh, I have to gripe for a moment, if you will: What is happing to Simplicity costume patterns? I wish I could say that I was delighted by their new costume designs this season, but I am afraid that is not so. How many variations of the sensationally slutty kitten costume can one company make (Simplicity has seven alone - 2072, 2074, 3618, 3629, 3685, 4015, 4046)? And worse, they introduced a new kitten costume this year sporting a 1980s balloon skirt - instantly I had flashbacks of my high school prom, suddenly I caught a whiff of AquaNet hairspray, and I thought I heard the ghostly echoing of a Debbie Gibson tune in my head - STOP! No doubt these patterns are big sellers, but what happened to the historical costumes they used to issue at least once a year (Steampunk does not count)? Of course, buyers can look to theatrical pattern companies for historical patterns, but these are usually for the advanced sewer. The commercial pattern companies design their patterns to fit the modern figure, so the garments are generally easier to construct - not to forget that the commercial companies have costumer service representatives available in the countries where their patterns are sold. Commercial costume patterns may not always be historically accurate (usually regarding construction methods), but they are solid patterns that can be made with general ease and are backed by good customer support should a sewer need call for help. Come on, Simplicity, get back on track!

Could it be a...sign?
Finally, one last thought, which has nothing to do with anything, really, except to say that while I have had a busy week, it has been a week of peculiarities, odd little things, like the universe is toying with me - lol! Last Sunday, as I was driving up my alleyway, I suddenly noticed corn muffins - half a dozen or so - rolling down the alley toward me, like someone (or something) decided these would substitute nicely for bowling balls.There wasn't a person or thing in site that I could see to account for this! And yellow birds (orange bills with black tips on their wings) - I don't know what they are, or if they are indigenous to Ohio, but I kept seeing them. It's common to see cardinals or bluejays, but I have never seen yellow birds like these, all the sudden, and in abundance. Then, me and the kiddo encounter a roley-poley family of raccoons chilling on someone's front porch when we were coming back from Chipotle. They were HUGE (I imagine the smaller of the three was a juvenile), out in clear daylight, unafraid, as if they resided there and were enjoying the approaching evening on the porch. I tried to get a picture with my cell to no avail, and no, I wasn't going to get closer - raccoons are mean (had a couple spats with some as a kid on my granddaddy's farm), so we just slowly drove on, watching them watching us. Finally, yesterday afternoon, Marie and I are in the home department at TJ Maxx when we spot this very misplaced and peculiar tin sign situated among the framed artwork (pictured to the right) - wth? lol! I almost bought it to hang in my classroom (because I possess a cheeky, often tactless, sense of humor), but thought it best to resist. I'm not sure what it means, exactly, or what the whole week of odd occurrences mean if anything, but it's all worthy of note. Maybe next week I'll see pigs fly? 

Until then, happy sewing! 

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