Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Down - 39 More Weeks To Go!

My goodness, did this week ever fly by! I cannot believe that the first week of school is over and the second is ready to begin - of course, by the time Christmas break nears I will be counting the days (and so will my students) for a much needed vacation- lol! 

And what do I have to show for this week, aside from a mound of papers to grade? Why, my red corset! What made me go with a spicy red satin, I can't tell you, but now that I have my corset, it's time to construct my outer garments for the Old West Festival in October. I do have an identical white satin Victorian corset in the works, completely boned, needing only the grommets inserted and the bias sewn on (an up-coming Saturday project) - a girl can't have too many corsets (I figured I'd go with both the Madam and Madonna variations - just keeping it real). 

Speaking of future events, the Regency picnic that Tonia and I host every year is in two weeks - I am very much looking forward to it. Tonia's been giving me a pictorial play-by-play of her and PJ's gowns as they get them done little by little. Both of their gowns are just darling so far (loving the fabric). Even though I had finished my gown for the picnic a couple months ago, I still had sewing to do for it this weekend - Marie's boyfriend (David) needed a shirt for the occasion, so I took yesterday out and sewed him one up. Marie chose the color (like most ladies do when dressing their fellows) - the shirt is a basic yoke style smock, constructed of a medium weight linen, and the cuffs are buttoned rather than tied. I need to remind David not to wash the shirt with anything he doesn't want dyed pink - lol! Although I've washed the fabric, it's far from being colorfast.

I'm beat - it's a good beat, though. The week has been fun and the weekend productive. Time to shuffle to the couch and curl up under my throw - there's a good book and hot cup of tea waiting for me. Bon nuit and happy sewing - :)

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