Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sewing on the Edge...

School will be starting in three weeks and there is so much to get done. The English curriculum across all grade levels has been switched, and as you know, I am delighted! I still have to complete my notes for senior lecture on King Lear before we begin reading the play, and many of my text and test books, test keys, and other teaching materials still have not arrived. In the meantime, there remains quite a bit of classroom prep to do for the 2011-2012 school year, which included (yes, past tense) painting my room (while being very mindful of the 15 computers that line the parameter since they could not be removed) - with the help of my youngest daughter (who's a senior this year!) and my awesome supervisor, we flawlessly cranked out my classroom in 6 hours! My wonderful students will now learn, and I will now teach, in a freshly painted lilac room - it's officially a Taupe-free Zone!

Although I spent most of last week completing Junior lesson plans and the weekend spring cleaning the house (two months into summer - lol!), I made myself two chemises and fit a corset for two upcoming costume events. The white cotton chemise and corset are both for my 1880s costume for the Old West Festival in October, and the natural linen chemise is to be worn under my Regency corset and jumper for the Regency Picnic in September:

Creating and fitting the corset

The pattern

Victorian and Regency chemises

Victorian chemise: cotton lace detail
Today, I will be working on the corset, which will lace both in the front and back rather than merely lace in the back (with metal busks typically in the front). Once the corset is complete and I am able to grab my measurements while snuggly laced-up, I can then begin my late Victorian ensemble for the Old West Festival - yeah!

Happy sewing - :)

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