Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gittin'r Done...

The only regretful thing about the start of a new school year is that there's precious little time to sew, but somehow I manage to get things done - I may be half crazy before the week is over, but no matter - lol! This was a tough week for students and teachers alike, signaling the end of the back-to-school honeymoon period. We are already half way through the first quarter and mid-term reports go home to parents in a week (Doh)!

So, after an exhausting week, the objective was to spend yesterday (Saturday) vegging on the couch, but I desperately needed to shampoo the carpets, fall clean, and put autumn decorations out. I got all of it done, and don't you know I even sat down at the sewing table and finished the underskirt for my Victorian ensemble - one more layer complete. I am a happy girl (pat on the back)! 

Underskirt (front view)

Underskirt (hem detail)

This morning I draped the white satin overskirt over the black underskirt and adjusted the pleating where necessary - it looks very good. I just need to sew the pleats in place on the overskirt, trim it (maybe - haven't decided yet), and sew on the hooks and eyes. This week I will be fitting and constructing the bodice jacket...(Git'r done!)

Happy sewing!

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