Monday, September 26, 2011

Moving Right Along...

Tonia and I do many pattern reviews for our collaborative blog The Emerald Parlor - recently, I have started constructing several Truly Victorian patterns and so far I have found my working experience with them to be positive. I should mention that these patterns are being used as the design basis for my Victorian ensemble to be worn at the Old West Festival this coming weekend.  Here some progress pictures from the last week:

Testing trim selection

Fitting the bodice (vest front not shown)

Sewing the trim to the collar

Finished collar

Vest front attached and collar fitted to the bodice

I do have a couple of adjustments to make on the bodice yet, particularly the armscyes and sleeves - I may alter the sleeve cuffs, too (I'm not sure if I like them - of course, this is an aesthetic preference and not a structural issue). I suppose I should get busy then! Oh yes, and did I mention that I have a four day weekend (more time at the machine while watching my favorite historical movie dramas) - how wonderful is that? :)

Happy sewing!

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