Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Petticoat Junction

Old West Festival, Williamsburg, Ohio

I am looking forward to the Old West Festival in a few weeks. One of the reasons I am going (aside from the living history, which is right up my alley) is to determine if I'd like to vend there next year. These Old West and turn-of-the-century events are fast emerging as the new rage in festival entertainment and they promise to be around for many years to come. Certainly, the medieval and Renaissance shows that littler the country are still popular events for the most part and some have been around for 30+ years, however attendance is waining (and has been in general and across the country over the last 5-7 years; several fairs have closed). The younger generation of festival goers are looking for fresh and modern events that compliment and accommodate their love of innovation, technology, and science fiction (this is the gadget generation, after all!) - in other words, the festival trend pendulum is swinging from Lords & Ladies to the Cowboys & Aliens. I'm jumping on - :)

Last night I finished up my petticoat, so my undergarments are done (unless I can see my corset under my gown's jacket bodice - although I am lining the garment, it's white, so I may have to make a corset cover). I did use a pattern this time: Truly Victorian (TV 170 - view 3). Please note that in the following pictures I have not modeled the petticoat with a bustle. 

Petticoat front view

Petticoat knife pleat detail

Petticoat back view

I do have the over-skirt completed, however, I need to gather and pleat the sides and secure them in place. I love the striped satin that I'm working with - it's a medium weight and it sews together perfectly - no puckering or stretching - and it lays well over the contours of the body. More pictures to come as I progress little by little.

Over-skirt finishing hem

In the meantime, happy sewing!

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