Sunday, September 11, 2011

Third Annual Regency Picnic

~Cassi, PJ, Patty, Me, Tonia, Elma~

Yesterday was the Emerald Parlor's Third Annual Regency Picnic. It was a perfect day - the weather and all. Because last year's picnic was a soaking ordeal with terrible thunderstorms and raging heat, Tonia and I decided then that we'd up the festivity date to a more temperate and pleasant month - lol! Yesterday did threaten  a bit of rain, so on arrival I searched for an open shelter house. Lo and Behold! The Pavilion at Buck Creek was free (the largest and the nicest of the shelter houses, complete with a water fountain and spigot)! Ahhh, and not a drop of rain fell! Good weather, good friends, and good company (except for the swarm of bees that were overly enamored with Tonia's lemonade and PJ's fruit salad - lol) - to say the least!

Rose and Patty reading on the lawn

Maria, David, and Kate

PJ (open robe)

Cassi and her baby, Abby Road

Miss Patty-cakes

Tonia (wrap dress)

Me (jumper and under-gown)

The next event for the season is the Old West Festival the first weekend in October. I have most of the over-shirt constructed for my late Victorian gown, and today I hope to finish the petticoat - my corset and chemise are completed. I still have the bodice, underskirt, corset cover, and hat to make, not to mention Marie's whole ensemble, which I have not even started - lol! Indeed, I am joyfully a busy girl!

Blessings and happy sewing!

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