Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ewww, There's Snooki on the Tree!

Being a high school English teacher and a parent to two young adult daughters, I credit myself for being up on pop culture and the latest trends. I even took my youngest and her "bestie" (best friend, for those of you who aren't current on the ever evolving teenage vernacular) to a packed midnight premier of Breaking Dawn (and yes, I've read the whole Twilight series against my better judgement - I think it took me a few weeks to regenerate braincells). And, regarding Justin Bieber, I do hope that this baby-mama-drama is put to rest and the Canadian boy wonder is able to move forward with his successful singing career (like most, I seriously doubt that he fathered a child). Although I feel bad for the Biebs, I surely don't want to brush my teeth with! You read right - while shopping with the hubs this afternoon, we encountered some questionable holiday gift items (which gave us both a good chuckle) - and of course, they deserve mention:

Isn't it enough that the Biebs has a successful ladies' fingernail polish line and has been dubbed by style gurus the world over as "the beauty expert that teen girls trust"? Why No! These ridiculous, yet lucrative, marketing and public relations feats have now extended to dental hygiene - that's right! Who doesn't want Bieber teeth? Ooo, and better yet, while you're lovingly brushing your pearlies with the pulsating Bieber brush, it will serenade you with one of two Bieber tunes...

And just in case you have ever wondered how the stars of the Twilight crew manage to create their sensational hair styles, wonder no more! You, too, can create Edward's textured styled coiffure in minutes...

...or, maybe you don't care for Edward - how about Esme's smooth and sleek locks of loveliness?

No can hairdo? No worry! Here's a styling wand to recreate Bella's sensual loose and natural waves...

Oh, I see! You're a Rosalie fan and nothing less will do than her dramatic, looks-like-a-bad-wig bouffant!

As for Alice, Emmet, Jasper, and Carlisle? Who cares about them when you can have your choice of Jersey Shore Mix and Match tree ornaments - and two for $10! (WTF?)

Despite the hilarity and morbid fascination of my Christmas shopping experience today, I did have time to work a bit on Marie's Victorian gown. Right now, as it stands, it looks like a little number from the early 1940s. But, once I get all the details squared away, with the trim and the draped overskirt completed, it will resemble a gown from the 1870s.

Peplum added to the bodice.

Sleeves on; testing trim placement

Aside from a slim belt (constructed from a trim similar to that of the trim on the hem of the underskirt and sleeves), trim on the sleeves at the base of the upper arm, and added knife pleats around the hem of the draped overskirt, I plan to keep the decoration elegantly simple for this gown. Aside from the gown's decoration, I still have some finishing work to do, like fine stitching around the collar and peplum, and some pill buttons sewn on the cuffs and down the front of the bodice (if I can find the right size and color). 

In the meantime, happy sewing...or brushing with the Biebs and styling to Twilight - but please, keep the Snooki off the tree - lol! ;)


  1. lol! Why not sing to "Baby" in the mornings? And just so ya know, I don't say bestie ;)

  2. Sing with a glob of toothpaste in your mouth - ewww, messy - lol! And no, you may not say "bestie", but your bestie says it all the time - :P

  3. Ooo, and just soes you knows, I'm thinking of purchasing one of those Twilight styling products - I'm thinking I might want some Rosalie hair...

  4. lol! Indeed she does... And I hated her hair in the new movie, but that is just my opinion... I would go for Bella's natural looking curls ;)