Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stitching Up a Pair of Bodies

Some time ago, Tonia and I discussed a little costume project and photo shoot centering around the six wives of Henry VIII (I am Anne of Cleves). Since my oldest daughter is a professional photographer (and a sensational one at that), and I happen to have the privilege of being her mother, it so happens that her services are available to me on her off time for a mere hug and kiss - who could be so lucky? After the Christmas holidays I decided to start on the project, and as usual, I start with the underpinnings. Last night I finished boning my bodies (I feel the need to blush saying this) while yacking to Tonia on the phone about the up coming Federal ball in February. This evening, I laced the bodies up and took them for a test drive to see how they fit and felt. Superb, by the way! Now, off to hand sew the finishing details - happy sewing! 

Front View A

Front View B

Front View C

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