Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Lover's Day Post *smooch*

I did not have a good weekend - well, for the most part. I was guerrilla attacked Saturday evening by a terrible intestinal flu, the likes which I have not suffered since I was...five. I thought I had severe food poisoning, but the hubs ate the same thing I ate and he wasn't tossing (or blowing out) his cookies - besides, I'm the one who made dinner - lol. Albeit my stint with the puking plague, I did have a productive Saturday morning and afternoon sewing. First, before I begin recounting my sewing accomplishments, let me just say, if you do not own a silicone iron rest (pictured above - love hot pink!), please purchase one - they are about $5 at most major retailers. I have broken countless irons by leaning my iron up when repositioning a garment, or I seem to struggle with where to place my iron when I am ironing a large piece on my board. The silicone iron rest has solved that for me. I can place the iron rest on most surfaces and place my iron right on top and Voila! No burning, no scorching, no melting - up to 500F. This was invented for dummies like me - thank you, thank you!

To sewing! I remade the second petticoat, swapping out and recycling the original linen petticoat that I had made last week for a white stain one. The reason I did this is totally functional. My gauze skirt was getting caught up in the linen petticoat and they were bunching together to annoyance with any greater movement than a light sway. Both linen and gauze fabrics have moderately clingy textures, therefore I needed to offset this clinginess with a slick fabric, so I constructed the white satin petticoat, which instantly did the trick. There was an unintended bonus to this switch: because satin is a crisp material (the satin that I used, anyway), it added a little more fullness to the understructure of my gown without adding weight. I like this.

I constructed my gauze skirt, which I love! There was quite a bit of pleating, but the affect is lovely and soft.

Then I began the toile for my jacket - which is in the very beginning stages, as you can see. As I am piecing things together and cutting the shapes on my dummy, I make notes all over my pieces (it's my method of madness, I suppose - lol). 

I'm not sure if I'm going to do a two or three tiered capelet look, or whether I'm going to construct the back en fourreau. I'm also considering a sash - whatever the case, it's all rolling around in my mind. Now to make up my mind.

Until then, happy sewing!

PS: Happy Lover's Day - may you be showered with a million chocolate kisses...

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