Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Fine Examples of Extant Costuming

Whatever might have been the function the costumes presented here (theatrical, folk, masquerade, et cetera), the quality of the construction, the richness of the fabrics and trims, and the artistic thoughtfulness of each piece is remarkable (and the fact that they have survived in such a well-preserved state) - I'm sure you'd agree! :)

Enjoy and happy sewing!

1). Burgundy silk velvet cape, noted in the garment's description as being an exact replica of a 16th-centrury Spanish riding cape (House of Worth), circa 1895. Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

2). German folk costume constructed of wool, cotton, leather, and bone (Lans of Salzburg), circa 1950. Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

3). Dark plum silk velvet Elizabethan costume accented in imitation pearls and embroidered with gold metallic thread, circa 1890-1909. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

4). Theatrical Roman armor constructed of paper mache and linen, gesso, paint, and gild (embroidered with gold metallic thread and sequins), circa 1700s. Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

5). Burgundy silk velvet Elizabethan costume accented in ivory lace, glass jewels, and embroidered in gold metallic thread, circa 1890. Metropolitan Museum of Art.


  1. I adore Victorian reproductions of Elizabethan clothing! They are so strange, sometimes hideous, often over-wrought, but absolutely amazing. i want them all! :)

  2. Missy, I could not agree with you more - on all accounts! :)