Monday, March 5, 2012

Old Fashion Footage

I thought I'd share some wonderful Edwardian and Jazz Age fashion reels (1914-1928) I discovered on YouTube over the weekend - enjoy!

1). This reel highlights the winter fashion trends of 1914 - dig the skating ensemble. Footage voice-over possibly recorded in the 1930s.

2). From this 1917 spring fashion reel, I learned that the cloche hat is first introduced and purposely designed to remain on the wearers head when riding in a car (I like that there is a practical application in the hat's design and I am pleasantly surprised that the cloche appears in ladies' fashion a couple years sooner than I had initially thought). Again, footage voice-over possibly recorded in the 1930s.

3). This striking 1917 fashion reel highlights hobble skirts, Chantilly lace, French heels, embroidered stockings, and loads of silk and fur accouterments for everyone! 

4). Here is a sweet little taste of British fashion from 1908-1928, especially featuring the hair styles, hair accessories, and hats of the 1908 fashion season (not to discount the delicious 1928 full-length sable coat near the end of the footage - *sigh*).

5). This wonderful color reel is a visual treat and highlights the spring and early summer fashions of 1928. Note that the cloche becomes more stylized and sculpted, and the fabric prints are bold in composition and rich in color. I want that little red spring jacket - lol!

There are dozens of fashion reels on YouTube featuring the style trends of the first half of the last century. Glamour Daze has the most impressive and instructive vintage video collection that I have come across so far, and I encourage you to browse through their play list. Other quality videos are scattered among various Tubers and here a thoughtful word search will be necessary to discover their play lists. 

Happy "tubing", and happy sewing!

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