Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Taking It Easy

I have my 1780s jacket nearly finished, with the exception of the sleeve cuffs and a fichu. I've been procrastinating, truthfully, and I've needed a break from heavy sewing (i.e. costuming) - I've just been petering out. Still desiring to sew (or be creative in some respect) I decided to lay the costume to the side for a moment and direct my sewing efforts toward something easy to bring in the Spring. While gathering up bags of goodies to donate to the thrift store, I held back a blue brocade tablecloth set (which I love but rarely use because I do not like to cover my wood tables). I decided to repurpose them into simple (yet elegant) runners for my foyer and dining pieces:

 - Made patterns from computer paper and newspaper -

 - All cut out and ready to be worked -

 - Created some very simple little tassels for the ends of the runners -

 - I made several of these half runners for my smaller tables -

- This runner looks so lovely on my Danish credenza - 

- The fabric and the color of the runner compliment my blue glass -

To reward myself for a sewing project well-done, I visited the thrift store on Saturday and found a few useful treasures I am excited to put to use:

 - A 17" vase, which will make a delightful centerpiece ($3.99) -

- Costume hats, for sure ($4.99) ...

 - Vintage fringed dress to be repurposed into another garment ($6.99) -

Now that I am creatively refreshed and my sewing mojo has returned, I will be completing my Georgian jacket by week's end. Hummm, I should take it easy more often - ;)

Blessings and happy sewing!

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