Friday, April 6, 2012

By George, My Jacket Is Complete!

I have certainly taken my sweet time working on this garment; it seems like I started it forever ago - lol! So, I am happy to say that my Georgian ensemble is finally complete. Blessings and happy sewing!

(For construction photos, please visit my Flicker page by clicking on the link at the left of the page.)


  1. Love those sleeve and hem details. Looks like a bit of origami was called for.

  2. Very Pretty. I love the personlality you have given the garment with the details of the bottom and sleeves. Beautifull, nothing less.

  3. It looks really really great!
    The fabric pattern is beautiful and i espacially like the back of the dress!

  4. Really beautiful! I love the detail on the hem and sleeves also :)