Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The annual Ladies' Tipsy Tea for the Emerald Parlor is in a month - I can't believe it's almost here! This year's theme is the 1950s and we ladies are starting out our tea with sushi and cocktails at the Thai9 restaurant in downtown Dayton. Anyway, finished mine and Maria's crinolines yesterday afternoon. 

Marie's dress will be constructed from this darling cotton daisy print that she chose, and mine from black taffeta. She still has yet to choose a hat (I bought mine at a vintage shop in the Oregon District when me and the ladies were prancing around town in costume at last year's Tipsy Tea) and both of us need a good pair of gloves. And shoes? Why, those were the first things we picked out, of course! lol!

Blessings and happy sewing!

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