Friday, May 25, 2012

Fabric Shopping at the Thrift Store

I had a super day yesterday at one of my local thrift stores and I'd like to share! As I said in my article Buying Fabric on a Budget, who says you have to buy fabric at a fabric store? There is no shame in buying good fabric, whether new or used, anywhere other than a fabric store and thrift stores often provide me with some of the most wonderful fabric finds, including vintage and antique textiles. Here's what I mean:

The needlework on the hem this curtain and valence, both made from a cotton blend, is marvelous. The curtain measures 17 feet and the valence 11 feet in length. I paid $10.00 for both.

~Beautiful needlework detail~

~Washed and hanging on the line~

This is a purple and ivory checked medium weight linen table cloth that measures almost 9 feet in length and 5 feet in width. Oh, do I have a costuming project for this! I paid $5.

~On the washer ready to washed~

I'd say I did well for a $15 fabric thrift store shopping excursion and there is still more I'd like to buy, but when do I ever have enough fabric?  

Blessings and happy sewing! 


  1. Love the lace. I don't see any shame in buying fabric at yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets etc. As long as it's clean, in good condition, reasonably priced and the owner is good to you (lol). Alot of times, you find the COOLEST stuff at the "non-fabric store" places.

  2. Gail, you would not believe how many dressmakers I know who will not buy fabrics from thrift stores or flea markets! It's just a matter of washing them up (most are relatively clean to begin). To me, there is no more difference than purchasing a fabric from a vintage shop or antique mall - in any case, no one really knows where these fabrics have been stored or how they have been used. I agree with you - I have found some pretty sensational fabrics at these places - fabrics I could never find at my local fabric store. :)

  3. YES! So glad someone else is a thrift-store fabric buyer! A lot of times the fabric (especially curtains or tablecloths) has such a nice soft "broken-in" feel that, in my opinion, makes it look and hang so much nicer.

  4. I have definitely found some unique, one of a kind fabric items at thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales. My thinking is that someone just like me (fabric stasher, hoarder whatever we are called) had reason to get rid of fabric. Whether it was directly or indirectly i.e. person passed away and someone selling their stash. I believe like me in most cases it is kept in reasonably good condition and I can directly check that out before I buy anyway. No shame to the thrift store game if you are on a budget. I found fabulous silks and wools for next to nothing.