Sunday, June 3, 2012


This week has been a week for treasures! First of all, I am hosting a Great Gatsby Party come December (it's never too early to plan!), just in time for the new movie release around Christmas - here's a preview:

Of course, my niece, who's a junior in high school, promptly informed me and her mother that The Great Gatsby is the most boring book ever written in the creation of literature and it utterly assaulted her gag reflexes - lol! I promptly informed her she will most likely have to read it again in college, since Fitzgerald is one of the more pivotal writers of Jazz Age literature, so better enter college lit with a barf bag - haha! Besides, my niece hasn't read Robinson Crusoe (goodnight, Friday) or The Lord of the Rings (all 1300 pages, all the songs and sonnets, oh good grief!), yet...

In anticipation of this cinematic event,  I scoured the net and bought a few '1920s and '30's pattens - here's one of my favorite pattern purchases this week (the others are on their way!):

~1923 Pictorial Review suit pattern~

~The instructions to the pattern~

Yesterday was the St. Ann's Hill historical district's annual community yard sale, and since my sister is a resident of the district, not only do I get a sweet parking spot, I get a great shopping companion! My sister found a beautiful vintage style black and white polka-dot sundress, 12 matching wine and champaign glasses, two glass relish trays from the 1930s, and two long baskets with handles for lavender picking at the Lavender Solstice Festival in two weeks. I set out looking for vintage patterns, but found none (which is unusual), however, here are some other wonderful little treasures I found:

~Witchy/Vicky costume boots for Tonia - $1~

~Silk scarf from India, will make a wonderful Regency turban - $.50~

~Edwardian cut-work velvet shaw - $.50 (omgoodness!)~

~Art Deco inspired cotton print fabric, planned for a 1920s shirt - $2~

~Two mint seed pearl and satin handbags from the '40s-'50s - $10~

And, my favorite find, which I could not buy for my posterior's sake - lol!:

~The New Humber Commode, circa 1890-1900~

Ahh, but my most precious treasure? Well, she graduated from high school on Friday - congratulations to my beautiful Marie! 

Blessings and happy sewing!

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