Monday, July 30, 2012

Extant Worthington Family Garments at the Adena Mansion and Gardens

Thomas Worthington
Thomas Worthington was born in Charles Town, Virginia in 1773. At the age of three, he and his family moved to the great Ohio Frontier and took up residence in Ross County. As a young man, Worthington was formally trained as a surveyor and spent much of his energies as a land developer. Later in life, he served as a member of the Territorial House of Representatives (1799-1803) for the Ohio delegate and as an Ohio State senator in two separate terms (1803-1807 and 1810-1814). In 1814, Worthington resigned his post as senator after winning the seat for Ohio State governor, for which he served until 1818. Not only did he found the city of Logan, Ohio (Hocking County) and serve as an Erie Canal commissioner, during his governorship, Worthington moved the Ohio State capital from Chillicothe to Columbus, a title that the city of Columbus has maintained since 1818. 

While recently visiting the Adena Mansion & Gardens, Thomas Worthington's historical homestead in Chillicothe, Ohio, the museum on the estate features artifacts that belonged to the Worthington family. These artifacts include furniture, pottery, toys, sewing tools, samplers, and three extant garments beautifully preserved and showcased in a large blue wardrobe in the "children's room". Note that the wardrobe remains shut, so in order to view the garments (which I nearly missed had curiosity not compelled me to cautiously inspect the contents), one must open the wardrobe doors. 

Thomas Worthington's Frock Coat & Vest

The museum card reads: "Thomas Worthington wore this gray wool coat and silk vest when he married Eleanor Swearingen in 1796. They were married in Shepherdstown, Virginia (now West Virginia). He is wearing his wedding outfit in [the above] portrait."

Margaret Worthington's Dress

The museum card reads: "Silk dress made in 1825 for 14 year old Margaret Worthington when she attended the Emma Willard School in Troy, New York."

If you are in the Ross County, Ohio or Chillicothe area, I encourage you to visit the beautiful Adena Mansion and Gardens. For more information regarding the Worthington family, the Adena estate, museum, and guided tours, please chick here.

Blessings and happy sewing!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Historically Inspired Garments at the Adena Mansion

The trip to the Adena Mansion & Gardens last Saturday provided many wonderful photo opportunities, especially those featuring the historically inspired clothing worn by many of the reenactors. Here are several fine examples:

Simply sweet - I adore the pattern of her dress fabric!

A very neat and well-fitted gentleman's ensemble

I really like the vests, the suspenders, and the stovepipe hat

So cheery (and I love her props)!

This gentleman's frock, breeches, boots, cravat - very nice!

Although simple in design, this gentleman's wool frock is well made

His garments looked the most comfortable to me - love the specs and hat

Fine ivory wool breeches which button at the calves - like!

Ivory wool breeches button detail

Mustering out...

This lovely lady sports a wonderful wire-framed bonnet...

Bonnet side detail
Bonnet back detail

Bonnet shirring detail
Bonnet stitching detail

Bonnet interior detail (and wire frame)

Bonnet back detail

I thought I missed a photo opportunity....

...but I caught her by the lou - lol! Miss Vivian was very gracious - :)

Dress back detail

Dress side back detail

Dress sleeve detail

Dress bodice detail

Tucked hem detail

Bonnet side front

Bonnet side back

Such inspiring handiwork! And, a big Thank You to all of those reenactors who allowed me the privilege of violating them with my camera - lol! Next post, photographs detailing the extant garments of the Worthington Family. Blessings and happy sewing!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Adena Mansion

This year, the Adena Mansion & Gardens, in Chillicothe, Ohio, is celebrating the War of 1812 with its Bicentennial Muster. Yesterday, me and girls spent the day there, took a tour of the great house, explored the outbuildings and the beautiful grounds, and talked to many of the talented reenactors (and admired their well-sewn garments). Here some pictorial highlights:

Front entrance to the mansion

Front left of the mansion

Front right of the mansion

Back view of the mansion from the perennial garden

Back view of the mansion from the kitchen garden

Foyer of the mansion

First room off the foyer

The window slide locks will open into doors - nifty!

Notice the "Lazy Susan" or rotary shelves (right)

The dining room

Second set of "Lazy Susan" or rotary shelves (dining room)

From the master stair case

A soldier's encampment

The barn

The barn - entrance to the stalls

The spring house

The spring trough

Model of the Adena Mansion grounds

Oh, I wish I could post every picture I took there, but it would take days to upload them - lol! However, in the next post, I will feature photographs of the garments that belonged to the Worthington family and several of those worn by a few reenactors (their handiwork is admirable). Until then, blessings and happy sewing!