Monday, August 27, 2012

Kent State Museum of Fashion: A Pictorial Tease

This past Saturday, me and the girls hit the trail to the Kent State Museum of Fashion to view their "On the Home Front: Civil War Fashions and Domestic Life", "Day at the Beach", and "Fashion Timeline" exhibits. The museum's presentation of these historical garments is marvelous - honestly, I could have stayed a week combing through each gown, each accessory, each piece, neglecting sustenance and sleep like some crazed junky - lol! And my sister-in-law and friends did not help my mania any - as I would be scrutinizing a certain piece (examining a garment's fine detail), off in the distance I would here "Oh-my-gosh! Angie, you have got to see this!" Honestly, I was near panic trying to get through it all, trying to take it all in. Several hours and six hundred photographs later, we girls left Kent State behind exhausted yet freshly inspired! 

Here is a little pictorial tease from my trip:

"On the Home Front: Civil War Fashions and Domestic Life"

~Patterns, Color, Trim~

~Blue and black silk taffeta dress, c. 1860 (Western Reserve Historical Society)~

~Lavender silk taffeta day dress, c. 1865-67 (Kent State Museum)~

~Ivory silk evening dress, c. 1860 (Kent State Museum)~


~Blue silk dress with paisley cotton shawl, c. 1865 (Kent State Museum)~

~Ivory wool and salmon satin burnous, c. 1860 (Kent State Museum)~

"Day at the Beach"

~Late 19th-early 20th century beachwear~

~Light Brown silk dress with lace insets, 1906 (Kent State Museum)~

~White cotton parasol with lace inset, c. 1890-1910 (Kent State Museum)~

~Boy's two-piece beige linen suit, c. 1880 (Allen Memorial Museum)~

~White cotton damask blouse and beige linen skirt, c 1900-1910 (Kent State Museum)~

~Straw boater hat with dark brown grosgrain ribbon, c. 1928-1932 (Kent State Museum)~

"Fashion Timeline"

~Silk, satin, gold and silver metallic waistcoat, c. 1750 (Kent State Museum)~

~Waistcoat front detail~

~Moss green silk faille and velvet walking gown, c. 1880 (Kent State Museum)~

~Walking gown back and bustle detail~

Victorian Oddities

~Hair wreath, c. 1865-1895 (Western Reserve Historical Society)~

~Hair wreath details~

~Hair bracelet with gold locket, c. 1860-1890 (Western Reserve Historical Society)~

~Ear bobs and brooch made of human hair, c. 1870 (Western Reserve Historical Society)~

~Matching hair necklace, c. 1870 (Western Reserve Historical Society)~

The garments, accessories, and items that I have featured in this post are a mere fraction of the spectacular articles on display at the Kent State Museum. I will be featuring more extant examples from these exhibits in future posts, and eventually, I will upload the remainder photographs to my Pinterest page for your viewing pleasure! 

As always, blessings and happy sewing!


  1. Thank you for posting this beautiful pictures. I love this era so much and I can´t stop to whatch photos ore exhibitions.
    Best regards


    1. I love this era, too! Thank you, Thilda - :)