Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Off of the Beaten Dressmaking Path...

Every year I receive hundreds of fabric samples in the mail from my wholesalers and every year I throw them away. I usually just let them pile up in a bin in my sewing cave until compunction compels me to clean up and get rid of them - the fact is, most of these samples remain in their envelopes never opened or looked at (it's like dressmaking junk mail). Last year, though, before ditching the lot, I decided to sift through them and noticed there were many natural fiber samples - cotton, wool, linen, silk. I kept these, throwing all the synthetics away.

This left me 272 samples, which I turned into a quilt. Since all the samples were pinked, I left them as is, feeling no need to square them or make them perfect. I would do with what I had and sew them up as I went (go with the flow, no real plan). The result? A bright and cheerful cover for a full-size bed. 

Not one swatch used is the same - every one varies in color, pattern, or fiber - everything from Victorian flowers to Snoopy (even Spiderman!) is represented. I really enjoyed doing this project, and I am imaging other little projects I can create from these swatches. I believe I just discovered a new sewing tradition - ;)

Blessings and happy sewing!

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