Thursday, August 2, 2012

On the Picnic Menu: A Pink & White Striped Half Robe

I actually finished my dress for the Emerald Parlor's Regency Picnic in September relatively early this year! Who knows, I may get crazy and wear it to the Fair at New Boston the week before - lol! I decided early on I wanted a half robe, partly inspired by the half robe sketched by Janet Arnold from the Snowshills Manor collection. However, the I wanted the dress to be back closing rather than side closing, and I wanted the wrapping front of the bodice to extend a little further across the bust-line. 

Just a note: When I drafted the bodice pattern, while I wanted there to be gathering at the shoulders, I did not want this for the lining - too bulky. In the shot below, you can see what I did to the bodice front lining - I removed all the bulk by creating a large, slightly convex dart from the shoulder seam to the center bust. 

Half Robe Construction Details

Sleeveless Chemise

And this morning, I finished constructing a very basic cotton sleeveless chemise to wear under my corset.

This leaves me with the task of finishing up my niece's Regency gown for the picnic. I already have the skirt constructed, flounced, and hemmed. I just need to get to working on the bodice. Pictures to come!

Blessings and happy sewing!