Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And the Award Goes to...

This morning while enjoying my morning tea, I get a little email from Miss Angela, from La Châtelaine Chocolat, that says, "I have a surprise for you...." Surprise, indeed! She has presented me with the Liebster Blog Award! If you are not familiar with Miss Angela's work, I encourage you to do so! Not only is she an accomplished costumiere, she is an artist and authors another blog called As the Art Flies, where her fine arts and creative endeavors are further showcased. Thank you, Angela, for your thoughtfulness!

Ooo, now it's my turn to pass on the Liebster Award!

5) Miss Rachel's blog at Rachel's Costumes - she has a fine handle on costuming and I am impressed by her construction skills - there is talent here!

4) Miss Issy's blog at Costume Tea Party - her blog is like a little slice of cake, beautiful and delicious and rich with pictures detailing historical reenactments, costumes, and events. And, she loves tea! 

3) Miss Claudine at Idle Hands - She's an excellent costumiere who uses power tools - stuff just got real up in here! Her tutorials are wonderful and they include very good step-by-step photos.

2) Miss Sanna from Rococo Atelier - another young lady who knows her garment construction well! Miss Sanna is formally trained as a seamstress, and her excellent work is apparent! 

1) The Laced Angel - when I look at her work, especially the details (the Devil is always in the details) and care she puts into each garment, I want to faint. Her eye is exact, her ability to combine colors and textures is quite impressive!

All of these ladies - Angela, Rachel, Issy, Claudine, Sanna, and the Lace Angel - encourage and challenge my own costuming and creative ventures! Thank you, ladies, for being a part of the blogging community and sharing with us your talents and inspirations!

As recipients of the Liebester Blog Award, I ask Rachel, Issy, Claudine, Sanna, and the Lace Angel to:

a) Add the award icon to your blog! 
b) Link to your awarder to say "Thank You"...
c) And most importantly, award/present five (5) of your favorite bloggers with less than 200 followers with the award!

Again, thank you, Angela, for thinking of me - it's wonderful to receive support and affirmation from those in my creative community!

Blessings and happy sewing!


  1. You're such a doll! Thank you!!!

  2. Such a nice surprise! :) Thank you so much again! :D

  3. Thank you so much!! :) Sorry so slow in thanking, I have been crazily busy the last few days.

  4. It's my honor to award it - keep up the fine work ladies! :)


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