Monday, October 1, 2012

Kent State Museum of Fashion: A Pictorial Tease II

~Green and peach silk brocade and leather shoes (European), circa 1780~

When visiting Kent State Museum of Fashion (KSMF) on August 25, I was delighted with their historical costume exhibits. The garments were very well presented and the range and variety of garments were impressive. I spent several hours that day examining their collections, and if I could, I would have spent several more! 

As promised, here are several costumes from the Fashion Timeline Exhibit, ranging from years 1750-1840.

~Embroidered ivory silk waistcoat (American), circa 1750~ 

~Yellow silk faille robe a la francaise and matching petticoat (stomacher installation; American), circa 1760~

~Red silk velvet men's suit trimmed with silver embroidery and sequins (American), circa 1770~

~Printed cotton day dress (English), circa 1810~ 


~Ivory silk evening dress with sheer over-sleeves (English), circa 1820~

~Printed cotton dimity day dress (American), circa 1830~

 ~Printed wool day dress (American), circa 1840~ 

I would like to point out a peculiar (but not uncommon) feature regarding the printed wool day dress (pictured directly above) - it was pieced together, most notably the bodice, from scraps. The needlewoman who created this gown did a very good job trying to match the direction of the print. All the particulars of this garment and the garments featured in this post can be viewed at Kent State's online collection display

Happy October - blessings and happy sewing!


  1. Some beautiful examples of period outfits, I love the Regency bib front with the small line of pleating, I will be implementing that. Thank!

  2. I love that line of pleating, too! I was thinking about trying this detail out myself - we will have to compare notes - lol! ;)