Monday, November 12, 2012

Marie's Gatsby Dress


For The Great Gatsby premier in early January 2013 (the premier date has been recently updated from December 2012 - the movie is currently in post production), Marie chose a McCall's 1925 autumn dress from my collection of antique and vintage patterns. For the slip she chose a matte lavender satin, and for the dress a vintage print sheer crepe (this was quite a lucky find, and as I pointed out in the previous post, the width of the crepe was 39", the standard width for fabric in the 1920s). Finally, the orange "sapphire" buttons used for the cuff and neck closures are vintage Bakelite.  

Marie's dress is in the traditional tunic-style of the era, snug at the hip and loose on the upper torso. The bodice/shirt of dress illustrates the chinoise chic or Asian influence prevalent in mid to late 1920s fashion design, as does the stylized poppy flowers in the print. Despite the delicate nature of the crepe (I was a little worried and very careful!), the dress came together well and drapes beautifully. What do you think? 

~A close up of the crepe~

Later this week I will begin constructing my Gatsby dress - I believe I have found the dark plum and bone color linens that I will need to make the pleated skirt. I just have to get my derriere to the fabric store with a swatch of the bodice fabric and match it up to be sure. 

In the meantime, my friends, blessings and happy sewing!


  1. This dress is absolutely stunning! It looks so fine and elegant on you. (I had finnished my 1st 20´s Chanel dress some month ago. I used green wool and original buttons). I wish I could also join the Great Gatsy premier :-)

    1. Awww, thank you Miss Thilda! Actually, the young lady in these photos is my daughter (I think she looks fine and elegant, too!) - :)

      I just saw your wool Chanel-inspired dress on your blog - it is beautifully cut and tailored! I am going to post a link to your dress on my FB page as an inspiration to other dressmakers. One thing you hit right on the head, these tunic-style dresses of the 1920s look deceptively easy.

    2. Thank you dear Angela :-) You are correct, the dresses look so easy to sew but it is a lot of work :-). I am still so afraid to use fabrics like Viscose, Silk etc and therefore I am deeply impressed of your work. I am looking forward to see your Gatsby dress: