Friday, May 3, 2013

Gatsby Sewing Challenge

A week from tomorrow, May 10, marks the movie premiere of The Great Gatsby in theaters all across the Western world, a lavish cinematic event that I suspect will give The Titanic a run for its money (DiCaprio sure knows how to pick his scripts)! 

A few months ago, I finished my youngest daughter's dress for opening night using a McCall's dress pattern from 1925. Earlier this week, I finished my dress using pattern #4397 from Pictorial Review, also from 1925. Although I love the flapper fashions of the era (well, what pop culture has romantically defined as "flapper fashions"), I really wanted a more suited and masculine look, something that a woman like me in the mid-1920s would wear if she were going to the picture show. This weekend I plan on window shopping at a few of my favorite hat and vintage shops in hopes of finding a cloche; if not, then a cream silk scarf will due quite nicely. 

My dress is a slip-over, one-piece affair. The bodice is constructed of a checked plum and cream linen, and the skirt, vestee, and cuffs are constructed from a cream bottom weight cotton. I made two alterations to the pattern, both stylistic: I added an inverted pleat to the back of the skirt, and fashioned the bodice waist belt to button at the side hip, giving the illusion that the bodice and skirt are separates.

When I first constructed the bodice, I initially used the bodice fabric to create the waist belt. Scrapped that - Ick!

Up Close

La robe sur moi!

Blessings and happy sewing! See you at the movies opening night! ;)


  1. Very stylish. A lovely ensemble. :)

  2. The dress is so elegant! Wow! I think you are now prepared to jump in the roaring twenties. ;-)

  3. That is adorable! You look perfect!

  4. Thank you, Miss Lauren! :)