Thursday, June 13, 2013

Another '20s Look...

Since I have begun collecting these wonderful vintage 1920's patterns, I've decided to take some time out and work with them, build up my Jazz Age wardrobe!

This time around, I constructed Butterick shirt pattern #4965 from 1923. I chose View C, however, I took the cuff from View A. Although the pattern fits a 36 inch bust and 39 inch hip, it was easily graded to fit my 41 inch bust and 43 inch hip. The fabric that I used to construct the shirt is a 1930s reproduction print from textile designer Judie Rothermel. The fabric happen to be one of those great finds I've held on to until the 'perfect project' came along (You don't want to know how many tubs of fabric I have stored in my sewing room for that 'perfect project'!) - I have to say that I love the fabric and I love the finished shirt!

For the skirt, I took my inspiration from CoPA and found a McCall's straight-line skirt from 1924. I constructed it from a dark charcoal bottom weight cotton, lined it in black taffeta, and inserted an invisible zipper in the back rather than the side, as the skirt illustration suggests. I also added a waist yoke and darted the front and back for a better fit. For ease of movement, I added a tailored slit at the hem. 

Aside from how very easy these 1920s garments are to construct, I cannot say enough about how comfortable they are to wear. And to think, just a decade or so before this revolution in women's fashion, a woman was donned head to toe in a chemise, drawers, corset, corset cover, petticoats, skirt, shirtwaist, stockings, boots, and jacket, if you please; all buttoned, hooked, and laced below a feathered, floral-ed, and floppy hat the size of a small round table plopped upon her head! The weight of all that, let alone the layers and layers - Ah, the romance of it all! 

Up Close

Les Vêtements Sur Moi...

Blessings and happy sewing!

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