Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Stuff!

Happy Tuesday! It's another smoking hot day in Dayton, Ohio. I am comfortably sitting in the air conditioning, sipping on some iced tea, and preparing to inundate your peepers with loads of picture candy. Izjoo ready?

This is Black Cat (that's her name), and she's feral (and my bestie outdoor feline). In the last year, Black Cat has birthed two litters of kittens on my patio. Thursday, she has a spaying appointment at the Human Society, after which, she will be living on my back porch while healing. 

In the meantime, her last litter (Aren't they precious!) resided on my back porch until adopted, and shredded everything in claws' reach (like my curtains, to the left)...

So, new curtains were in order! 

This is Marvin, Black Cat's best buddy (not a baby daddy) - he's an old, beat-up tom, who's next on my Snip List - :)

Made summer clothes for my baby nieces, Allie and Sophie (I have not made baby clothes since my girls were babies!)...

My gardens are gorgeous this year! I allowed two of the three gardens to lay fallow last year while I built up the compost pile (I never use anything but compost). 

I grow the most hardy and flavorful basil this side of the Mississippi (Yes, it's as tall as my tomato plants!), and I grow it in gobs, because it takes gobs to make homemade pesto - Ummm, pesto!

Oooo, and there's one more thing! I made myself a light summer corset, inspired by this corded and lightly boned, front lacing beauty (circa 1865) housed at the Kent State Museum of Fashion:

I have two heavy satin Victorian corsets, heavily boned, but when out in the summer months on costuming events, I'm roasting! I constructed my summer corset from a light weight white cotton with a single layer of interfacing housed between the shell and lining - very breathable, very comfortable! I dressed the corset up a bit by covering the grommets with cotton embroidery floss and embroidering simple leaves along the boning points with the same:

~Corset interior/lining/backside of grommets~

The corset on me!

I love it and I'm looking forward to cooler summer costuming events! Wishing you lots of warmth, sun, and inspiration - blessings and happy sewing!


  1. I love the idea of covering the grommets with embroidery floss.

    1. Thank you, Lindsey! It adds a bit to the decoration of the garment - :)

  2. What type of stitch did you use on your grommets? It looks so sweet!

  3. Angela! This is perfect! I'm re-covering an older corset with an updated brocade and was wondering how to handle the grommets and I love this! Do you have a link or tutorial for how you managed this stitch around a grommet?


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