Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Split-Drawers Combination

I've been wanting to make a combination chemise and split drawers set for some time, mainly to cut down on the layering of so many late-Victorian undergarments (bulks up the silhouette a bit). I really love my cotton front lacing corset - it's the lightest and most comfortable of my corsets, and I'd like to make another but with busks. And my split-drawers combo? Amazing! I like how downsizing to a combination set can take an inch or so from a corseted waist (no bunch, no bulk - much more comfortable)!

Next in the works, I have planned a wool cape constructed from a gorgeous brown Herringbone (I bought on clearance) and a Renaissance-style gown for the Madrigal Dinner I'll be attending in December. I love this season! Blessings and happy sewing! 


  1. Angela, nice work. I especially love the flossing on your corset. I did see that right? :) I think your combinations look fabulous. Split drawers are very convenient...but my personal sensibilities is not really keen on wearing them. LOL. But I know a lot of ladies who love them especially if they are well corseted!

    1. You're right on! I did a bit of flossing - :) My sensibilities are like yours, and I admit the split drawers will take some getting used to, but pulling up your underdrawers while wearing a corset is a challenge - lol!