Friday, April 18, 2014


Good Friday! 

I finished my transitional stays and here they are (the bust cup makes all the difference in comfort - these are fast becoming my favorite stays):

For construction photos, please visit my Flicker page (just click on the Flicker link on the top left-hand side of my page under the heading "Follow Me!"). Next project: a pair of traditional Regency stays - I'm in need of a new set.

Blessings and happy sewing!


  1. Hello Angela. This corset looks great! I may have missed something but which transition are these stays for? How are the Regency stays coming? Cheers.

    1. Hi Angela! They are modeled after a set I viewed at the Smithsonian, about 1820-1825. My Regency stays are cut and ready to be sewn, but I put them on hold to work on another project which I finished late last week. Pictures to come. So glad to hear from you!