Friday, July 4, 2014

Black Cut-work Velvet Ensemble

Some time ago I purchased several yards of black cut-work velvet that I thought to use for Edwardian separates. If you will remember (view the picture to the left if you do not), I did construct a skirt, which I was not pleased with and I kept fiddle-faddling with it to the point of destruction. Eventually, in frustration (and to spare what precious velvet I had left), I put the whole mess away - like, for two years. Last week, I courageously pulled everything back out, deconstructed the skirt, recycled the skirt material into an Edwardian blouse, and used the remainder of the velvet for a new and improved skirt.

I am happy with the result...

Photo by Lemonsgraph Studio

The ensemble is constructed from black cut-work velvet, black lace, and salmon voile; cuffs and bodice back close with 23 black buttons; skirt with seven eyes and hooks. 

The remainder of my sewing time this week will be spent copying over several antique patterns I bought just recently - I want to get those out of the way and stored safely before I begin a new sewing project. 

In the meantime, Happy Birthday, America! Celebrate in joy and safety, and blessings and happy sewing!

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