Saturday, September 27, 2014

Little Things

Happy Autumn! Like most folks in the Northern Hemisphere, this time of year is my favorite, filled with birthday celebrations, harvest festivals, and holidays. Late August is the beginning of my busy time and it's usually occupied with holiday/event projects and canning. This year I allowed my gardens to lay fallow, so I bought my produce from Fulton Farms. I don't allow my gardens to lay fallow very often (mainly because I heavily compost my earth and my soil is very healthy), but it's good to give the land a breather - a year to recuperate. In the meantime, I feel naked, or rather empty, like something is missing, like I should be doing something - it's like when you graduate from high school and then the following school year starts, except for you. It's amazing how much of our habits define who we are and an odd sensation when a habit is removed from our routine, even if temporarily.

Despite my gardening homesickness, there are many little things, wonderful things, that make me smile and elicit happiness, including the change of season and...

Frankenberry Cereal:

Kroger's had like six skids of Booberry, Count Chocula, and Frankenberry, the best seasonal cereal on the face of the planet, for $2.49 a box (nom nom nom)!

Roasted Pumpkin: 

I baked a few Cutie Pies in the oven, mashed and froze the pulp; then, I soaked the seeds in a salt brine, dried them out on a towel, coated them with butter, salt, pepper, garlic and onion salt, and gave them a good roasting. Everything else went into the compost pile...

Stinky Eggs, Beer Sausage, and Plum Preserves:

My Eastern European heritage requires of me that all things must be pickled (*snort*) - meat, veggies, fruit, and whatever else I can stuff in a jar and cover with brine...

Seasonal Projects and Decorating:

I made Fall runners for my tables. I have Halloween runners, but let's observe one month (and its corresponding holiday) at a time, shall we?

Thrift Store Treasures:

How about a 1960's Christian Dior suit in a size 14 (*squee!*)? 

Wishing you a wonderful Autumn season and the happiness of little things! Blessings and happy sewing!

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